MySQL Database

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We will learn how to export database dump file from MySQL database using MySQL Workbench.

Note: Prerequisite MySQL database and MySQL Workbench already installed in your system.

Need to follow below steps for export database dump from MySQL database using MySQL workbench.

Step 1: Open MySQL Workbench. Create new MySQL Connections. If it is not available.

MySQL Export Dump

Step 2: Open MySQL Connections.

MySQL Export Dump

Step 3: Select Administration. Click Data Export. Select Schema. Select any one below options:

a: Dump Structure and Data (If you want Structure and data both)

b: Dump Structure only (If you want Structure only)

c: Dump Data only (If you want Data only)

Select Export to Self-Contained File.

Click on Start Export Button.

MySQL Export Dump

Step 4: Now you can see the dump file exported successfully.

MySQL Export Dump